Apparently Ted Nugent is Planning His Farewell Tour

It'll be called "Adios Mofo" because of course it will

Ted Nugent
Ted Nugent in 2017.
Scott Legato/Getty Images

We appear to be at a point in musical history when some of rock’s biggest names announce that their touring days have come to an end. David Crosby made comments to that effect shortly before his death; more recently, The Who alluded to the daunting costs that they now faced when looking into touring. Now, evidently, it’s Ted Nugent’s turn.

Ultimate Classic Rock has the news, which comes via Nugent’s own YouTube channel. “I’m not going on tour anymore because hotels are jail. A hotel room is jail for me. My dogs won’t allow me to not spend a day with them, so [my dogs] will go on the road with me this year,” Nugent said. “But the logistics are just too complicated when you have dogs and grandkids and kids and so many other things.”

Nugent also clarified that this does not represent an end of making music for him — just taking it on the road. “I’ll always play music,” he said. “I’ve got new records I’m gonna make.”

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What’s less clear is whether Nugent’s touring days coming to an end will also mean the end of his time appearing at political rallies and making incendiary statements — something he’s been doing for a while now. According to his website, Nugent’s current tour is set to end on August 11, with a stop in — where else? — Detroit.

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