Conservatives Rap Snoop Dogg’s Video Parodying Trump, CNN

March 14, 2017 10:36 am
(PrankvsPrank YouTube page)
(PrankvsPrank YouTube page)


Snoop Dogg is probably better known today as Martha Stewart’s kitchen co-host than a legendary gangsta rapper. But the artist is still putting out new music, and one recent video is stirring up controversy in the political world.

For the track, a remix of BADBADNOTGOOD featuring Kaytranada’s “Lavender,” Snoop enlisted several actors, including Michael Rapaport, to don clown costumes and makeup, as they take on a number of today’s most controversial trending topics—police-involved shootings, shootings recorded on mobile devices, and CNN’s reporting skills. But it’s his depiction of President Donald Trump, as an orange-faced clown, whom he points a toy gun at and “shoots” (a little flag pops out that says “Bang”) that is causing the most uproar.

This Trump-inspired clown is then seen in a later clip chained up, while the rapper and his friends smoke a blunt.

But many Republicans didn’t find the depiction particularly funny. Sen. Marco Rubio told TMZ that the visual could potentially inspire a would-be assassin. “The wrong person could see that and then you have a real problem,” Rubio told the gossip site.

This is hardly the first time a sitting president has been openly mocked in a music video. As Billboard notes, artists such as “Weird Al” Yankovic, Kanye West, Eminem, and even Genesis (remember the “Land of Confusion” video?) have openly harangued presidents in song or video form.

Watch the full video below. (Note: The lyrical content of the video is NSFW; we’d suggest watching it on mute until you get home.)


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