The 20 Outdoor “Shed Tours” You Can’t Miss This Summer

From Billie Eilish to Bryan Adams, it’s all about the hits

May 2, 2019 7:51 am
Cage the Elephant
Cage the Elephant gettin' sweaty this summer with Beck (Gaelle Beri/Getty)

The shed tour: a primarily outdoor concert experience where lawn seats, nostalgia and light beer are the order of the day.

Not on the menu? Music snobbery. This is about bands you love(d) and the songs you know. It’s the greatest hits of your youth come to life, at the beach and under the stars.

Below, our 20 favorite shed tours of the summer, from Wiz Khalifa to Bryan Adams to Billie Eilish. A list that coincides nicely with Live Nation’s National Concert Week, where select shows ( many of the ones listed below) have seats available for just $20.

Because we’re celebrating 25+ years of ‘36 Chambers’
Wu-Tang Clan, May 31-August 3

Because their recent stuff is really good! Really! (Not that you’ll hear it)
Third Eye Blind and Jimmy Eat World, June 14-August 3

Because you’re, ohhhh, thinking about all your younger years
Bryan Adams and Billy Idol, August 3-12

Because they just smashed the most Shazam-ed song of all-time (it’s GoT related, too)
Florence and the Machine, May 12-June 9

Because it’s gonna be an angry &*^%ing summer
Korn and Alice in Chains, July 18-September 4

Because every night’s gonna be a guest star-palooza
Wiz Khalifa, July 9-August 15

Because they’re redefining Dad rock for a new generation
Beck, Cage the Elephant and Spoon, July 11-August 25

Because they’ve already conquered Europe
The 1975, through June 2

Because you know every … single … lyric
Nelly, TLC and Flo Rida, July 23-August 31

Because ‘90s nostalgia is hot right now, we guess
Bush, Live and Our Lady Peace, June 11-September 6
Hootie & the Blowfish and Barenaked Ladies, May 30-September 13
Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson, July 9-August 18
Train and the Goo Goo Dolls, June 7-August 17

Because “country” is a loose term and not a bad one
Willie Nelson and Alison Krauss, June 19-September 22

Because your kid wants to go and they know what’s up
Billie Eilish, May 29-July 20

Because a backstage feud is inevitable
The Smashing Pumpkins & Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, August 8-31

Because Pete Buttigieg once penned a thinkpiece about them (and 9/11)
Dave Matthews Band, through Sept. 13

Because girls are icky
Coheed & Cambria and Mastodon, May 29-July 3

Because we’re one nation under a groove … for just one last time
(A soon-to-retire) George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, May 26-August 25

Because this is the No. 1 “trending” brand on the concert biz site Pollstar — over the Jonas Brothers and Guns N’ Roses — and they’re playing something called “Rock the River Saskatoon” with Platinum Blonde, Quiet Riot and The Romantics and we’re really, really curious
Blue Oyster Cult, May 12 and beyond

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