The Beatles Release New “Taxman” Video to Promote the “Revolver” Reissue

Old song, new video

"Taxman" video
It's a new "Taxman" video!
The Beatles/VEVO

A new video from The Beatles in 2022 is a strange concept to wrap your head around, and yet here we are. It’s not like we haven’t seen similar things since the band broke up, including the release of a video for “Free As a Bird” around the mid-90s release of the Anthology compilation. In that case, though, there was a new video for a new (“new”?) song. What we’re looking at now is a new video for an old song – specifically, “Taxman.”

The video is, for all intents and purposes, a collision of styles: a psychedelic Pop Art lyric video that abounds with references to Beatles iconography along with comics and cartoons of the 1960s and 1970s. The way the word “Taxman” is drawn here may well bring to mind thoughts of the superhero as civil servant — or possibly the reverse.

As noted by Ultimate Classic Rock, the video was released to help promote the deluxe reissue of Revolver, which is due out later this month. A recent article in The Observer by Vanessa Thorpe makes an intriguing argument regarding Revolver and this particular reissue: that it “offers a potent antidote to Get Back, the acclaimed 2021 Peter Jackson film that chronicled the beginning of the end of the Fab Four.”

And whether or not you’re intrigued by the prospect of a comprehensive reissue of Revolver, it’s hard to deny “Taxman”‘s overall catchiness and energy — both of which are well-served by this new video.

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