Vintage Cars. Electric Motors. Hop In.

Super cool. Super earth-friendly.

By The Editors
April 17, 2015 9:00 am

They don’t make them like they used to.

True for cars.

But weirdly not true for car motors, which have been working on petrol combustion pretty much since the invention of Coca-Cola (the 1880s, look it up).

Which is why we like Zelectric Motors, a new engineering company out of San Diego that takes vintage whips and eco-fits them with electric motors.

Beetles. VW Buses. Porsche 911s from the ’60s. You own it; they’ll dial it up.

Or, they can find one and do it for you.

The frame and design remain, but they add an electric engine, a drive-by-wire throttle, short shift and lithium batteries.

The range is 80-100 miles, top speed is slightly over 100 MPH, accelerates on a dime and has a battery that lasts 160,000 miles.


Other tech upgrades include HD shocks, radial tires, disc brakes, LED lamps, an electric heater and a rebuilt transmission.

They can also modernize seatbelts, add a new stereo system, and hook you up with variable speed wipers or sound deadening throughout the vehicle (full list of add-ons).

So you’ll get instant torque, a lot more comfort and peace of mind that — in addition to saving you a bundle on petrol — will keep Ma’ Earth a little cleaner.

And the PCH golden.

Nota bene: Zelectric does test drives. Sign up for one here, or visit them at the Concours d’Elegance in Beverly Hills on Father’s Day.

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