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La Dolce Vida

A day in Agua Dolce at Vasquez Rocks

  • 22 January 2014

This weekend, let’s abandon the electronics, forgo the errands and skedaddle to the wilds to rap with some rocks.  

Point your fastest whip toward Agua Dolce and visit Vasquez Rocks, a massive set of geological formations that rise across the 925-acre park.

Named after one of Cali’s most notorious bandits (Tiburcio Vásquez, who once hid out between the cracks and crenulations of the breccia sediment here), the site was formed by an earthquake along the San Andreas Fault 25 million years ago.

You can pretty much meander any way you like, hiking along brittle rock and bouldering around the jagged fans that jut and tilt from the earth like giant slate roofs.

As such, keep your hands free by carrying your water and snacks in the new Benson rucksack from Stone+Cloth. The waxed canvas can take a licking, it’s comfortable to wear, and its lining ensures your water will stay cool.

After rock-hopping for a couple of hours, drive to the Halfway House Cafe, a local spot that serves a mean triple-decker club with shaved turkey and lots of mayo.

Go in the morning and you’ll be back in time for an afternoon nap.

Main image credit: @willdunn01

The Specifics

Vasquez Rocks

10700 West Escondido Canyon Road
(661) 268-0840

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