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Ah Push It

Push Dapperbox is one clever little phone case

  • 13 January 2014

Phone cases are like dorky bike helmets for your outboard brain.

Except this one.

Introducing the ingenious Push Dapperbox, a thin mobile phone case with a discreet storage compartment for your credit cards and cash, available now for pre-order.

This is about as close as your phone case can get to a switchblade.

Press a small side button and the Dapperbox reveals a spring-loaded, front-facing wallet drawer.

It goes click, you pick a card.

The Dapperbox carries up to three cards along with a couple of bills, making it ideal for nights out. Larger wads of cash will need to be stored in a separate pocket (use a money clip; we recommend these guys).

The cases come in glossy or matte finishes, and fit iPhones and the Galaxy. Orders will be delivered by early March.

Just in time for spring travel.

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