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Pics of the Litter

Never-before-seen photos of Hollywood celebs

  • 25 July 2014

There are two kinds of paparazzi:

The do-anything-fer-a-buck sleazes, and the artists who capture iconic shots.

You can see pics from the latter here: Murray Garrett: Hollywood Redux, on view this weekend.

Until the early '70s, Murray Garrett was Hollywood’s most trusted photographer.

Garrett shot for all the major publications, and he did a good bit of commercial work.

He was Bob Hope’s personal photographer.

He shot Sinatra’s surprise party for Natalie Wood’s 21st birthday.

And he shot Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor’s helicopter ride to Disneyland with their family.

He was trusted because he was a man of his word, and because his work transcended celebrity photography.

See for yourself in this gallery of Murray’s work.

These images are timeless.

But the exhibit is only up until August 23rd. So go now.

The Specifics

Robert Berman Gallery

At Bergamot Station Arts Center
2525 Michigan Ave Suite B7
July 26-Aug 23
(310) 315-1937

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