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Mansa Vida: Learn from the pros, and comfortably

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Take a Trip With Professional Surfers to Their Favorite Hidden Beaches
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16 March 2016

Plateaus are part of learning a sport.

Surf the same break forever, and eventually you master it.

Want to graduate to the next level? You’ll need some help.

Enter adventure concierge Mansa Vida, a new boutique travel company that runs surf, skateboard and ski trips with seasoned pros as your guides.

Their upcoming maiden voyage? A surf retreat at The Cape, a spanking new Thompson Hotel in Cabo that includes surf lessons from Tim Curran, Damien Hobgood and hall-of-famer Rob Machado.

By night, you’re on the rooftop watching classic surf films and listening to Tom Servais — former senior staff photographer at SURFER Magazine — discuss how he gets his best shots.

Can’t make the May 19-22 trip? Mansa Vida also does custom work:

All of these come with the option to have the trip taped and edited by a professional crew, and you can have gear custom made for the occasion.

The Specifics

Mansa Vida

Surf Retreat at The Cape
May 19-22


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