The 10 Jackets Every LA Man Should Consider

A guide to microclimate living

By The Editors

The 10 jackets every LA man should consider
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18 November 2015

“You don’t need a jacket,” they said. “It’s L.A.,” they said.

And then you drove to the next zip code and came down with hypothermia.

Microclimates: we’ve got ‘em. And with Santa Anas and El Niños and other nefarious weather systems afoot, you need to equip against them accordingly.

Here are the ten jackets every Angeleno should consider adding to his arsenal — from day to night, beach to bar, intermountain to intercoastal, they’ve got your daily walkabouts covered.


South Bay, Venice, Santa Monica and Malibu

Day: Outerknown’s Evolution shirt-jacket is made with a poly-fiber shell to take on the wind and a little insulation to keep you toasty. Also works as a layer underneath a bigger coat.

Night: Rogue Territory’s black waxed canvas jacket. Lined with Faribault wool, this work jacket that can bare the brunt of a Santa Ana but still make you look tough as a cowboy in an Elmore Leonard novel.

Available at: General Quarters, General Admission, Wittmore, and Stag Provisions for Men

Intermountain Climate

WeHo, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Downtown

Day: The jackets and bombers made by La Brea’s Trading Post are made with deadstock military materials (the one pictured up top used to be a U.S. army sleeping bag). And a denim jacket like Rag and Bone’s (left) should also have a home in every man’s closet.

Night: Aside from making any man wearing one appear approximately 30% more intimidating, leather jackets are perfect for shielding you from the chill off the mountains. Levi’s Made and Crafted biker jacket channels that bad-boy aesthetic, and its soft Italian leather is smooth enough to stand in for a blazer.

Available at: American Rag, Stag Provisions and Trading Post

Interior Valley Climate

Studio City, Woodland Hills, Sherman Oaks and Toluca Lake

Day: AETHER’s Bowery jacket is a thin layer of brushed cotton that’s best in the daytime but can transition to evening so long as you layer it well.

Night: Universal Works Barra Jacket is made from black twill, making it the Goldilocks option as far as lightweight layers on chilly nights go. Pairs well with a button-down or sweater.

Available at: AETHER and Wittmore

El Niño Rains

All ‘hoods

Rains: Mission Workshop’s rainwear is on point, with taped zippers and a snug, four-way stretch fit. You simply must own at least one, if not for our rains then for traveling to less fortunate climates (read: East Coast).

Freak Cold and Mountain Trips: AETHER’s Alto is quilted with 10 grams of PimaLOFT. It’s not bulky, but it is weatherproof and now available in black or navy camo. It’s a svelte cut, so mind the turkey gut if you plan on picking one up.

Honorable mention: If the occasion calls for something a little more chic, check out the Officine Generale quilted jacket.

Stores: Mission Workshop, AETHER and Wittmore

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