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It’s called ivee. It makes your home smart.

  • 22 July 2013

Every man has harbored the suspicion that his house was turning against him — usually while desperately waving his arms when the motion-activated lights go out in the bathroom.

Take back control – whether over lights or otherwise – with ivee Sleek, the voice-activated assistant for your home, now available for pre-order.

From an LA-based startup that recently obliterated its Kickstarter funding goal, ivee Sleek is basically Siri for your house.

You speak, ivee closes the blinds. You give the word, ivee gives you the A/C. Or the traffic report (check the futuristic vid).

And it syncs with other WiFi-connected devices (like your iPhone), so it can provide updates wherever you are.

The technology is fairly simple. An A2D (analog-to-digital) converter analyzes phonemes to discern your words while filtering out ambient noise you tend to ignore anyway.

Like the wife, when she asks you to do things.

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