This Is Camping in High Style
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This Is Camping in High Style

And you can tow it with a Prius.

  • 24 April 2015

A man can take to the woods just about anytime in California. 

But while sleeping under the stars is easy on the eyes, it ain’t much for the spinal column.

So next time you’re feeling the urge to decamp, do it in a Hütte Hut, a stunning, compact wooden dome trailer made by two designers out of Carpinteria.

These bad boys are made-to-order, fully customizable and come in limited supply.


They’re roomier than a tent and have plenty of nooks for stowing all your favorite creature comforts.

The wood: handsome, pliable Joubert Okoume timber that’s light enough to tow behind a station wagon. The pieces are designed by CAD, cut on a three-axis CNC router and then assembled like a puzzle.

And the built-in LED lighting can be programmed to project different colors for different moods. 


The husband-and-wife team who build ‘em equip theirs with a cloud-like Japanese futon that sleeps two. But there’s room to get creative.

And the top pops for more space and better stargazing.

Summer is looking good.

The Specifics

Hütte Hut

4195 Carpinteria Ave. #4
corner of Estero

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