Is the Wall Street Journal Getting a New Editor?

Vanity Fair hears rumors that Gerry Baker's days at the top WSJ spot could be numbered.

October 16, 2017 5:00 am

All newsrooms gossip. The gossip currently going around the Wall Street Journal‘s newsroom is that Editor-in-Chief Gerry Baker could be replaced by January, according to Vanity Fair‘s Joe Pompeo.

The rumors about Baker fall into three categories: He’s leaving because he has fallen out of favor with top News Corp. executives. He’s being groomed for a role outside the Journal, perhaps at Fox News. He’s out because he “lost the newsroom” over the perception that he is resistant to stories critical of the Trump administration.

An unnamed source tells Pompeo that the rumors of a Baker exit are “heating up.” To be sure, and Pompeo admits himself, the only person who knows about Baker’s career prospects for sure is Rupert Murdoch.

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