TikTok’s Latest Boyfriend Test Asks This Very Serious Question

Would you rather be a samurai, pirate or cowboy? It’s the ultimate boyfriend personality test, according to TikTok

January 5, 2024 1:55 pm
A ranch cowboy gallops alongside a herd of hereford cattle, cutting young unbranded steers out of the herd, on branding day on a large Texas cattle ranch in West Texas.
A ranch cowboy gallops alongside a herd of hereford cattle, cutting young unbranded steers out of the herd, on branding day on a large Texas cattle ranch in West Texas
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Ah, TikTok. The center for circulating viral memes and coming up with new tests and questions to ask your significant other. I’m sure you’re familiar with the ever-so famous “would you still love me if I were a worm?” or the most recent “name a woman” trend, where women ask their boyfriends to say any woman’s name anticipating that they’ll say their girlfriend’s name (and possibly start a fight if they don’t). Now there’s a new one: People are asking their boyfriends if they’d rather be a samurai, pirate or ninja to reveal their “true personalities.” 


ill be a pirate because CAN WE GET MUCH HIGHER haha amirite nah id win brazillian phonk hakari jackpot interlinked #fyp #foryoupage #onepiece

♬ original sound – :p

The question has created quite a debate with various incoming arguments and answers. One user commented “samurai is actually like genuinely the only correct option here i mean cmon,” and another chimed in with “what are yall on, its cowboy no contest.” 

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all i learned from this is that my bf is indecisive af #foryoupage

♬ original sound – paige

An overwhelming majority of the response videos include contextual analysis and follow-up questions from the boyfriends. In this video, a man says to his girlfriend “Samauri, that’s full dedication…and if you get caught [as a samurai], you have to kill yourself.” He references Seppuku, an honorable method of suicide traditionally practiced by samurais. 

“Pirate is low reward sometimes,” he also says later in the video, “because if you don’t get treasure, you’re screwed.” 

The comments on this video sparked further debate, as people didn’t remember Seppuku and were now factoring it into their own answers. A user commented, “he gave this way more thought than me. I just chose samurai because i think they’re cool but i totally forgot about the whole seppuku thing.” But one user left a thorough comment explaining further realities of them all: “pirate = just an average crewmember, cowboy = just living today’s life but old school and on a horse, samurai = intense training and honor, sick gear.”


Not him waiting for me to ask this question

♬ original sound – abelyn

So, what does this test and debate actually reveal about a man’s personality? There hasn’t really been anyone psycho-analyzing it. No therapists duetting the video with a breakdown of what it may mean, or anyone chiming in with why it may be a red flag if your boyfriend picks cowboy. Some, however, have commented with their own personality analysis, which of course, in turn, sparked more debate: 

One user wrote: “The issue here is a matter of who has the most fun while having the least responsibility. Samurai always have too much responsibility, pirates have fun at an uneven pace, cowboy…the fun is dependent on what you do. but also you almost have no responsibility.”

Another wrote: “1) samurai – obedient, strong, lowkey peaceful. 2) pirate – ambitious, low attachment, daredevil, not peaceful. 3) cowboy- moderately peaceful, overprotective” 

And…one more: “cowboys want the easy life and are carefree but work hard samurai seek respect from others and pirates have big aspirations and will do anything to get to them.”

Some have commented saying their preferences were missing from the options, including a knight, a Viking or a ninja. It might be up to you to figure out what this means for you or your boyfriend, but be sure to settle in for the night once you ask. Grab a snack, prepare for out-loud analysis and have answers to a list of many follow-up questions.

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