Snowmobiler Barely Avoids Serious Injury While Chasing a Bear

In addition to sh-tting in the woods, bears also go after snowmobilers.

April 16, 2018 9:23 am
A screenshot from "Chasing a Brown Bear" on YouTube (Anna Liesowska/YouTube)
A screenshot from "Chasing a Brown Bear" on YouTube (Anna Liesowska/YouTube)

Don’t poke the bear … or chase it down on your snowmobile.

Unless of course, you want to get up, close and personal with the paw of a brown bear when it swipes at you like one Russian snowmobiler did this month during a close call that was captured on video.

Shot on Paramushir Island, the video shows a pair of pesky snowmobilers chasing after a bear that recently woke from hibernation and is not too happy about being bothered.

The closer the snowmobilers get, the more agitated the bear gets, culminating in the animal taking a left-pawed jab at one of its tormentors.

According to The Siberian Times, Deputy Minister of Forestry and Hunting Danila Dudarev was none too pleased with the footage.

“This is the outrageous, unconscious behaviour of adults who, in pursuit of beautiful footage, for the sake of entertainment, chase the wild beast,” Dudarev is quoted as saying. “Getting in contact with the bear, they do everything to make the predator lose fear of people. In future, this animal can throw out aggression on someone who will not be able to leave on a snowmobile.”

From Russia with love, here’s the clip:

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