These Fireplace Tools Prove We’ve Come a Long Way Since Rubbing Sticks

Playing with fire never looked better

January 12, 2018 9:00 am

Pretziada — Sardinian for “precious” — is a new design studio based on the Italian island of Sardinia. They partner with local Sardinian artisans who make traditional items like vases and rugs, giving them a platform to connect with contemporary design audiences.

One peculiar item has caught our attention: a fireplace set.

fireplace set (2 images)

We’ll admit that a bucket of tools and mountain-shaped andirons seem a bit humdrum. But these  items have a geometric appeal and rustic burnish that’s artistic and subtly utilitarian. The poker, the tongs and the ash bucket are all heavy in the hand, giving you a reason to play with fire.

Other goods worth your consideration: the design studio’s pocket knife, complete with a juniper handle, and the classic shepard boot, the choice of footwear popular on the southend of island. 

For more details — and stories about life in Sardinia — head on over to Pretziada.

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