World’s Most Expensive Sex Club Has Million-Dollar Membership Fee

With Snctm, join a real-life 'Eyes Wide Shut' in Los Angeles, New York City and worldwide.

August 8, 2017 11:53 am
World's Most Exclusive Sex Club Has $1 Million Membership
(left to right): Tom Cruise kissing Nicole Kidman in a scene from the film 'Eyes Wide Shut,' 1999. (Warner Brothers/Getty Images)

As far as we can tell, “Fidelio” isn’t the password to get into Snctm‘s exclusive, members-only sex party club. But it might as well be.

Browse the company’s website for a moment, and you’ll come across charcoal sketches of men and women wearing masks, bunny ears, and bondage equipment—all of which look like they were stripped directly from Stanley Kubrick’s swan song, Eyes Wide Shut.

Then, there are the rules like “At [a] masquerade … all gentlemen are required to wear a tuxedo with bowtie, [while] ladies shall be elegantly dressed in evening wear or lingerie.”

The New York Post landed an exclusive insider’s view of what a Snctm lifetime membership might look like. Did we mention it costs $1 million? (The membership area on Snctm’s site is password-protected, of course. We tried “Fidelio” and “fidelio,” and sadly, neither worked.)

Snctm’s erotic parties are held on both coasts—in Los Angeles and New York City—and have a tiered pricing system, which includes the ultra-high-end Violet Key Benefactors, of which there are just three slots open (the two previous ones sold for $350,000 and $425,000, respectively). That last one will cost somebody a cool million.

What does one get with such a membership (besides the obvious)? According to what Snctm founder Damon Lawner told the Post, it includes all-day, everyday access to an “erotic concierge,” who meets one’s every sexual need; as well as tickets to parties on yachts in France, upcoming soirées in Rome and Moscow, and a number of other exclusive add-ons.

If you don’t have that cool mil lying around, there’s no need to worry; individual event tickets cost $1,850 a pop. (Eleven lucky members can also opt to pay a $75,000-a-year membership that includes access to all parties.)

If you’re worried that your significant other might find out that you’ve been doing searches on sex parties on your home computer (don’t shoot the messenger!), tell him or her you’ve simply been researching the upcoming Showtime series, Naked Scntm, which is conveniently about the club and its members. The series premieres on Aug. 17. Watch the steamy (but safe for work) trailer below.


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