Wine Whisperers Are Latest Status Symbol for the Wealthy

Personalized wine experts cater to billionaires with their connections and knowledge.

May 6, 2017 5:00 am
(Getty Images)

In today’s world there are personal shoppers, personal trainers and personal assistants to help customize a successful person’s life.

But what about a personal wine expert?

Also known as wine whisperers, these connoisseurs help the wealthy fill their cellars with only the finest six-figure bottles of wine. Aside from acting as a personal wine shopper, these wine insiders also have the connections to get much sought-after bottles. They may even be able to introduce you to a some of the world’s most famous winemakers.

Matt Wilson told Bloomberg that his clients often request $100,000 bottles of wine. Time can be precious for those who can afford those prices, so Wilson and other wine whisperers fill a void.

Finding one of those experts may be the hardest part, especially since there are no directories. And some in the relatively niche field won’t waste their time on anyone with shallower pockets than a billionaire.

Grape-lovers though seem willing to pay for the wine whisperers’ personalized touches. Moreover, they are eagerly paying for add-ons, such as private wine tasting or limited edition bottles.


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