A Massive Collection of Extinct Japanese Whisky Is Headed to Auction

Prices are expected to exceed six figures ... PER BOTTLE

March 17, 2017 9:00 am

Forget Pappy for a moment. Put down your Macallan. If you want to get really exclusive with whiskey (or, more accurately, “whisky”), look to Japan.

The rare spirits seller Whisky Auctioneer will be auctioning off the world’s largest known collection of Karuizawa whisky starting on April 5th — and it’s going to be very pricey. Over 290 bottles from the shuttered Japanese distillery will be individually available. Why Karuizawa? Besides being a tiny producer which stopped production in 2000 (upping its collectible value), Karuizawa was a premium brand and their whisky is considered an excellent investment that — like any good spirit — gets better with age.

As the Japanese whisky retailer Dekanta noted about the brand: “The world’s most expensive whisky is Japanese, with a bottle of Karuizawa being auctioned off for over 128,000 USD at an auction in Hong Kong and a tasting event of the stuff in London selling tickets for a mere 6,000 pounds, with people on Facebook bragging about the honor of getting in.”

Safe to say you’ll wanna sip these.


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