A Chef Created a $35 Chicken Wing, and the Reviews Are In

It comes with foie gras, but celery is extra

September 6, 2016 9:00 am

Considering the fact 1.3 billion chicken wings were consumed in the U.S. in honor of Super Bowl 50, it’s safe to say that Americans are clucking fanatical about the vestigial appendages — the drumettes, the wingettes, and even the tips — of flightless birds.

And it seems we’re not alone in our fandom.

Belon, a new French restaurant in Hong Kong has added an offering it calls “Chicken Wing Farci” to its menu. The brainchild of Australian chef James Henry, the $35 dish consists of a single fried chicken wing stuffed with matsutake mushrooms, foie gras and rice served over sauce. Did we mention, it’s deboned? So you’re paying for that labor. 

“Admittedly, it was delicious,” critic Susan Jung wrote in her South China Morning Post review.

We’d love to believe this glorious wing is worth the pricetag, but, based on these pictures, we’re not so sure. 

Still, only one way to find out. See you in Hong Kong.

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