This Is the Wagyu of Iced Coffee, Bottled

It’s called Grand Cru and it’s delicious

By The Editors
November 9, 2015 9:00 am

Iced coffee is many things: refreshing, buzz-inducing, often poorly made.

But decadent has never been one of them. Until now.

Stumptown, one of our favorite artisanal java purveyors, just launched Grand Cru, a ridiculously high-end cold brew perfect for these final days of palpable sunlight and above-freezing temps. Arriving in a beautiful bottle more akin to hosting, say, an imported lambic, Grand Cru is brewed from scarce gesha beans.

Gesha is like the A5 Wagyu of coffee. A fruity coffee varietal introduced into Central America early last century from an Ethiopian seed stock, it’s one of the world’s rarest and most difficult coffee plants to grow, and it’s known to sell for upwards of $130 a pound. Usually, gesha is reserved for special releases. To make a full batch of iced coffee with it may seem excessive … until you try Cru.

This particular gesha batch hails from Honduras. The cold brewing process, Stumptown notes, brings out a bright and clean flavor, with “notes of orange blossom, juice of papaya, and a sweet creme brulee finish.” Grand Cru is now available at all Stumptown local cafes.

Consider it the best cold news of the season.


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