Staff Picks: All the Stuff Our Editors Fell in Love With This Week

B&W summer shirts, a compendium of '90s ads and robot vacuums

By The Editors
June 15, 2018 9:00 am

Welcome to InsideHook’s Staff Picks, a compendium of all the stuff our editors have been digging on recently.

The Corridor x American Trench Ikat Shirt
I was just lamenting to our Creative Director — who often garners compliments for a shirt very similar to this one — that you don’t see enough patterned summer shirts in black and white. I had made it a goal to find one of my own. Not 24 hours later, I stumble upon this commander of gasps, a 100% cotton short-sleeve woven in a traditional Japanese style called kasuri. — Walker Loetscher, Editor in Chief

Timex Expedition Camper Watch
I am admittedly not a dad, but I have no qualms with taking advantage of Timex’s Father’s Day sale to outfit my wrist for summer. Manning the grill, hiking to waterfalls and other warm-weather pursuits call for a ticker with some mettle (and some financial leeway should you smash it on said rocks). This Expedition will do the trick, but code DAD20 gets you 20% off others as well. — Alex Lauer, Associate Editor

Champion Logo Tee
Champion’s path over the years — from faithful sponsor of early-2000s dads to coveted dud of streetwear genuflectors  — holds some similarities with the “dad shoes” phenomenon. Predictable popularity usually hangs around long enough to see its better traits (hell of a logo, comfiness out the wazoo) become properly beloved. I’d wear this tee on a run, out at the bar with jeans and white low-tops, while mowing the lawn … and especially while playing catch with dad. — Tanner Garrity, Associate Editor

All-American Ads of the 90s
After a recent revisiting of the very weird, weirdly smart first TV ad for the Got Milk? campaign, it feels like the right time for a more involved trot down memory lane courtesy a new #1 release on Amazon: this compendium of corny, beautiful and downright nostalgic ads of the last decade of the 20th century. Fashion, tech and more, in all its cringe-worthy glory. Got milk? Get it here.

eufy RoboVac 11+
The robot takeover will be worth it as long as I don’t have to spend time cleaning under all my tables and cabinets. The RoboVac from eufy (a sister company of the popular audio/battery brand Anker) works on both hard floors and soft carpeting, and you can even set a cleaning schedule for your new robotic friend. Also, it’s $70 off for a few days (worth it).

And while RoboVac is sweeping up your mess, I suggest you spend your free time on the following:

Wheel of Fortune Answers
It’s a new, stupidly brilliant Twitter account that briefly justifies the existence of social media. STROKES AND TOASTS.— Kirk Miller, Nation Editor/Managing Editor

The Football Gods World Cup Hats
Whether for patriotic, or more likely, ironic, reasons, rocking a one-size-fits-all Team USA cap from ‘47’s new limited-edition Football Gods capsule collection is a solid choice for World Cup viewing this summer. Built to last, the stylish cap should still fit if the U.S. actually qualifies in 2022 or, failing that, gets the automatic bid as a host in 2026. If you root for teams that don’t suck, squads like Spain, Brazil, Germany and Argentina are available as well, all for $25. — Evan Bleier, RealClearLife


Clyde May’s does “Alabama style whiskey,” which means you’re getting an exceptionally smooth brown spirit with an apple essence (at one time, that meant literally adding dried apples  to the barrels). Fantastic for cocktails. They also do an excellent straight bourbon (pictured above), but you’ll really want to seek out CM’s 117 Proof Cask Strength: If you can find it, you’ll get an 8-, 9- or 10-year aged Alabama whiskey with spice, vanilla, oak and citrus notes (and apple, of course) — but you’ll also feel a little heat and some real kick.


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