Staff Picks: All the Stuff Our Editors Fell in Love With This Week

Racing earbuds, fancy Italian toothpaste and packaway jackets

By The Editors
August 10, 2018 9:00 am

Welcome to InsideHook’s Staff Picks, a compendium of all the stuff our editors have been digging on recently.

Marvis Jasmin Mint Toothpaste
If Altoids made a toothpaste, it’d be Marvis. The company has been operating out Florence since 1958, and they treat teeth-cleaning with the same attention to detail you’d expect of an Italian tailor or bootmaker. The packaging nails mid-century masculinity, and the flavors — which range from classic mint to cinnamon to my personal favorite, the jasmin mint — are curiously strong, reportedly because the ‘paste was originally devised for smokers. Beware the licorice, though. Nobody wants to kiss your licorice mouth. — Walker Loetscher, Editor in Chief

Carlsberg Beer Crate
There’s a precise science to beer-crate-diving the Interweb. The cheap options are often hyper-faux, and say things like “Terry’s Beer Stash: Hands Off” (no, seriously). And the $300+ options, well, those can take a hike. I’m looking for a vintage statement piece, sure, but not a new sectional. I spent some time lurking around Etsy before settling on this Carlsberg crate, listed at $70. It’s straight from the 1950s, with a weathered maroon-and-gold palette to prove it, and reminds me of the times I spent drinking Danish beer on sidewalks many autumns ago. Should be prime for books, magazines and miscellany just beside the nightstand. Tanner Garrity, Associate Editor

Koio Capri
If life were a video game and we all had ratings for each of our individual attributes, these sneakers would give the wearer at least a +10 in the “casual class” category. Is that even a thing? I don’t care, I just made it one. Made by hand in Italy with an Italian suede upper and leather lining, both so soft they’ll make your mama cry. Available in a multitude of colors as well. — Eli London, Director of Partnerships and User Acquisition

Psycho Bunny Cotton Poplin Sport Shirt
It’s tough to beat a lightweight white poplin shirt for summer versatility — roll those sleeves up and it’ll work with everything from jeans and brogues to trunks and sunnies. And letting it get slightly rumpled just adds to the character. Throw in mother of pearl buttons and Psycho Bunny’s cheeky emblem to give this one an extra dose of personality that people will notice regardless of where you’re wearing it. — Danny Agnew, Creative Director

Trespass Adults Unisex Packup Waterproof Packaway Jacket
Part of what I like about this jacket is the comically long product name, (packup and packaway?), but it does as it says. Summer storms aren’t a thing to mess with, so my jaunting go-bags always include a balled-up waterproof jacket to assist in a pinch. The price is good, they take up no space at all and double as windbreakers on peaks. True story: I was recently on a hike in the Catskills, absolute scorcher of a day, but at the top I found myself wrapped in my jacket, sunning like a lizard on the rocks as the wind whipped up goosebumps on everyone else. The tank-topped climbers were jealous. — Athena Wisotsky, Deputy Editor

Moak Concrete Table Clock
Concrete: Let’s talk about it. It’s a material that adheres to the aesthetics of traditional “masculine” design (along with dark wood, rich leather, lots of black), but that’s also being used in experimental home goods that’ll help you branch out from that formula. The design gurus at Gessato are now touting “the web’s largest selection of concrete products,” so g’head and have a look around. As for me, I’m starting off with this exquisitely simple table clock from Dutch Studio PS. — Alex Lauer, Senior Editor

Niko Power Strip
I’m begging you, please no more white industrial power strips. I can’t think of a worse eyesore. I’m integrating more smart home tech into my own apartment, and since it’s an old building, the cords for objects like humidifiers, lamps and charging docks require a power strip or two. Thankfully this Niko Power Strip blends in seamlessly, and the mesh cable makes it easier to snake through furniture without tearing it up. — Ryan Thaxton, Editorial Intern

Beoplay E8 Racing Green Special Edition
Your wireless cans look clunky. Or good, but rather anonymously black or white. These limited-edition ‘buds from Bang & Olufsen? Inspired by classic British racing teams, and they look slick. And sound slick, too. You can even fine tune ‘em to match your situation … like, say, high-speed chase. When you probably shouldn’t be wearing earbuds, but you catch my drift. — Kirk Miller, Nation Editor/Managing Editor


Brugal 1888 is (thankfully) not an overly sweet rum, and it mixes well. In a test of various highball cocktails this week (with vodka, Japanese whiskey, gin, etc.) we kept going back to this Charred Cherry Highball, which was refreshing and tasted like a cinnamon-kissed Cherry Coke. Glorious.

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