Save Up to 30% on High-Quality Cuts of Wagyu at Snake River Farms

Throw the best barbecue in town this summer

Meat from Snake River Farms, which is on sale through June 4
Make all your carnivorous dreams come true.
Snake River Farms

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Ensure your meat supply never runs low this summer with Snake River Farms.

Used by award-winning chefs across the country, Snake River Farms adopts many aspects of the heritage-steeped Japanese feeding method to produce cuts of meat that are extremely marbled and flavorful (they also claim to have “the largest database on Wagyu in the U.S.”). From the brand’s “Gold Grade” filet mignon and Wagyu blended burgers to Kurobuta pork chops and salami, the online meat delivery service supplies just about everything your little carnivorous heart desires.

And now through June 4, you can stock up on Snake River Farms’ high-quality meat and save up to 30%.

A select offering of burgers, filet mignon, ribeyes, seasonings, grilling bundles and more are all discounted for a limited time. You can shop the entire sale here, or see below for our top meaty must-haves.


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