Goodbye, Easter Eggs. Hello…Easter Potatoes?

Is this the starch of something new?

A pile of potatoes.
The cost of eggs is driving people to get a little creative this Easter.
Getty Images

Are you dreading paying for overpriced eggs to dye this Easter? Or maybe you’re looking for a new annual tradition? You’re not alone. With the egg shortage still affecting prices, as reported by Delish, many people are learning that potatoes are a significantly less expensive Easter egg dupe. 

Videos are popping up on TikTok of people showing the colorful and creative ways they’re painting and dying potatoes this year. The Idaho Potato Commission even provided a step-by-step tutorial on how to paint your Easter potato, starting with peeling it and soaking it in 2 tbsp. of distilled vinegar for 20-30 minutes. 

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Experts don’t have an answer regarding when egg prices may begin to come back down to earth. According to Delish, the uncertainty is due to “the inability to control the avian flu,” which started the egg shortage this year. In the meantime, Potatoes USA, the national marketing and promotion board representing U.S. potato growers and importers, has even publicly supported people buying potatoes to dye and paint this Easter.

“As a mom of two kids, I’m constantly looking for new activities. The idea of painting potatoes made me laugh, but honestly, it’s really fun,” Marisa Stein, director of marketing at Potatoes USA, said in a statement. “My kids loved experimenting with different designs. It was silly and a great way to spend time with my family.”

Don’t be a spec-tater when it comes to trying this out. Who knows? Maybe you’ll crack into a new crafty and budget-friendly tradition.


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