The Korean Food Phenomenon That’s Taking Over the Internet

April 23, 2017 5:00 am
Mukbang: The Korean Food Phenomenon to Weird to Explain in a Headline
(Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg via Getty Images)


Mukbang lately? Struggling to understand what that means? According to Eater, it’s the latest foodie phenomenon that’s sweeping across the U.S.

Originating in South Korea in the mid-2000s, the mukbang craze is simple, if not satisfying for at least one of the parties involved: Eaters broadcast themselves live (or pre-recorded) on YouTube wolfing down giant portions of food. Do a simple “mukbang” search on YouTube, and you’ll get over 1 million results, featuring women stuffing their faces with noodles, a guy shoveling in the spoils of a Chinese buffet, or someone with every style of pizza imaginable. It’s like a super-sized, live version of food porn.

Americans caught onto the craze relatively late, with the first videos appearing in 2015, per Eater. And it’s no fluke on the video platform; some of the top mukbang-ers have videos that have trafficked in the millions.

Watch YouTuber KEEMI wolf down a number of interesting foods in this 25-minute video that has been viewed nearly four million times.

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