Is Egg Tourism the New Medical Tourism?

Prices are lower on the Mexican side of the border

How far would you go for a good deal on eggs?
Erol Ahmed/Unsplash

Depending on what your cooking habits are — or your preferred choice of breakfast — you might be aware that the price of eggs is increasing. For some people, the answer is simple: buy fewer eggs. But for some residents of Southern California, there’s another option on the table for those looking for lower egg prices.

Just as some people opt to travel to a nearby country where medical procedures are less expensive, so too are some Californians crossing into Mexico with a very precise goal on their minds — buy cheap eggs, then return home. That said, there are some issues with this plan of action. Legal issues, in fact.

A new report in the Los Angeles Times details the ways in which eggs have become the object of much cross-border interest. There’s a problem with that, though — uncooked eggs are among the items that are not permitted to cross international borders due to the risk of disease. And given the price of eggs, a growing number of U.S. residents are looking into lower prices on the Mexican side of the border.

“Even one uncooked egg is too many, due to the risk it could pose to American agriculture,” said Customs and Border Protection Spokesperson Gerrelaine Alcordo.

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According to the article, a dozen eggs costs between half and a third of what they do in the United States if one goes to Mexico. As mentioned earlier, there’s another issue there, however — getting the eggs back across the border. If found, the eggs will likely be destroyed — suggesting international travel for grocery shopping might not be worth the trouble.


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