The Last “Where Should We Eat?” App You’ll Ever Download

Sorry, Yelp. We met someone else.

By The Editors
November 13, 2015 9:00 am

Ours is the age of eating out. Of the food blog. Of Yelp. Of every person with a WordPress account and a copy of Bon Appétit on the table fancying themselves the next Jonathan Gold.

And yet, everyone’s favorite question — “Where should we eat?” — still prompts crickets nine out of 10 times you ask it.

Unless you ask DINE, the new restaurant-finding app from the gastronomes at Tasting Table.

What we love about DINE is its no-nonsense functionality. No combing through pages of reviews to find essential information. No dungeon-lit iPhone photos. No clunky Google Maps integration.

Just download, plug in your neighborhood, cuisine of choice and occasion, and you’ve got ace lunch, dinner, bar or date recs in a matter of seconds. The app is caveman-easy to navigate, the photos are beautiful and you only see reviews from heavily credentialed sources (The New York Times, New York Mag et al).

At launch, DINE covers eight cities: Austin, Chicago, DC, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco.

Dig in.

Full disclosure: Tasting Table is a big brother of sorts to InsideHook: their founder, Geoff Bartakovics, sits on our advisory board. But that doesn’t change the fact that DINE kicks ass.


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