Massive ‘Smart Farm’ Is Basically a Keurig for Fresh Greens and Herbs

Hope you like salad.

January 4, 2018 9:00 am

The most significant launch to date for in-home greenhouse brand Click & Grow, the Smart Farm can hold up to 250 plants and, according to their calculations, save up to 95% of water consumption.

They call it “effortless urban gardening,” but given its antique-armoire footprint, that word — effortless — might be a bit of an exaggeration. It’s beautiful for the ambience, no doubt, but you’ll need to be quite committed to fresh greens and herbs to welcome such a footprint into your space. (That said, the device is really only practical at scale, when plucking a dinner’s worth of greens or garnish won’t mean event horizon for the bounty inside.)

Grow house (4 images)

They do make it convenient for all parties by also selling you the vegetables, fruits and herbs the system accommodates, in various kits or plans as desired. As far as subscription services go, it’s arguably better for you than a beer box or meat box, so if you cook a lot at home, it’s a step that can add up to meaningful cumulative savings in time, money and food waste.

And if all of this is just too much to consider, you can still consider  joining a CSA, joining the ranks of those seeking to close the gaps in the chain of food production wherever possible.


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