Bangkok Hotel Offers Drink at World’s Highest Whiskey Bar

Alfresco 64, a Chivas bar, is located 800 feet above Lebua hotel.

May 31, 2017 5:00 am
Nurse a Dram at the Highest Whiskey Bar in the World
(Lebua Hotels and Resorts)

Bangkok’s Lebua Hotel wants to bring its whiskey-swilling patrons the height of luxury—literally.

In a new partnership with the Chivas whiskey brand, the luxury hotel has opened Alfresco 64, the highest whiskey bar in the world, perched 800 feet in the air on the hotel’s 64th floor. Its situated within “The Dome,” a cluster of award-winning restaurants and bars atop the hotel.

Have a Dram at the Highest Whiskey Bar in the World
(Lebua Hotels and Resorts)

To keep the thread of that luxury lifestyle running throughout, the bar was designed to resemble a superyacht. The bar’s 2,153-square-foot indoor area has a decidedly nautical feel, with lacquered wooden flooring and sunken seating that will remind guests of a yacht’s cabin, while the bar itself is supposed to evoke the ship’s bridge (or well, an upgrade on any wet bar your superyacht might have on it).

Alfresco 64 also has its own VIP lounge—the Heritage Room—which is open for private or corporate bookings.

And of course, there’s also an outdoor area for those whiskey tasters who enjoy a good view—and aren’t too scared of heights. Meant to look like the superyacht’s bow, the area actually juts over the side of the building. With teak flooring and comfortable couches, after the first few rounds, a patron won’t even notice that you’re 800 feet in the air.

Chivas has even cooked up a special blend for the occasion. Take a look at its story below.


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