A New Study Reveals the Country’s Most Filmed Streets

New York and Los Angeles were both well-represented

Hollywood Boulevard
Not surprisingly, a lot of them are in Los Angeles.

Watch enough movies and television shot on location in the United States and you’ll start seeing a lot of the same places. After a while, it’s entirely possible that a space where you’ve never physically been might seem more familiar than the city or town where you grew up.

A new study from American Home Shield utilized data from IMDB to determine what the 50 most filmed streets in the country are. Hollywood Boulevard topped the list, with nine out of the top 10 streets being located in Los Angeles or New York City.

Some other interesting facts unearthed by the study:

Popular streets often double as film titles. Among the streets in the top 10 are the namesakes of Wall Street, Mulholland Drive and Sunset Boulevard. To be honest, you could probably program a pretty great movie night using that as the starting point.

Only six streets in the top 50 are found outside of New York State and California. Four of those, in turn, were located in cities known for gambling — Reno, Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The two that remain? Lower Wacker Drive in Chicago and Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

Manhattan was overwhelmingly represented when it comes to New York City. Of the 18 New York City streets on the survey, 16 of those are located in the borough of Manhattan. The remaining two — Broadway and Myrtle Avenue — are located in Brooklyn.

The whole study is worth checking out — and it might just inspire you to revisit an old favorite, or watch something you’ve always meant to catch up on.

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