Mexico City House From Alfonso Cuarón’s “Roma” Is for Sale

22 Tepeji Street has become a tourist destination

Alfonso Cuaron filming the movie Roma
Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón talks about his film "Roma" during a press conference on March 14, 2017.

Besides being a chronicle of a family during a turbulent moment in history and conveying a complex look at class and gender, Alfonso Cuarón’s award-winning Roma is also that rare film where its primary location feels like a character unto itself. In this case, it’s the Mexico City house where the film’s characters live; over the course of watching, you might feel like you live there yourself.

Now, the house in question is on the market — and cinema buffs and architecture fans alike might be intrigued. A report from Elisabeth Malkin at The Guardian provides more information on the sale of 22 Tepeji Street.

Cuarón himself grew up across the street, but preferred the way the light looked at 22 Tepeji. The Monreal family, who have lived there for over 50 years, agreed to let the film shoot there. The family would not confirm the asking price for the house, though Malkin noted that a similar house in the neighborhood is on the market for around $760,000.

Since the release of Roma, the house itself has become a destination for tourists. The film also prompted an increased amount of attention for the neighborhood of Roma, including a Guardian article that dubbed it “one of the capital’s liveliest and most up-and-coming areas.”

Shortly after the movie reached theaters and Netflix, James Medd at Condé Nast Traveler offered a guide to its locations. Medd wrote that, for Roma, “the director engaged in a combination of onsite shooting and painstaking reconstruction, undertaken in close collaboration with production designer and fellow Roma resident Eugenio Caballero.” The results made for a moving, immersive film — and now a big part of that experience can, nominally, be yours if the price is right.

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