Madonna and Diablo Cody Are Collaborating on a Screenplay

Madonna revealed the project via Instagram

Madonna and Diablo Cody
Madonna and Diablo Cody, at work on a new project.

It’s been a good couple of years for writer Diablo Cody. The musical Jagged Little Pill, for which she wrote the book, opened to great reviewsJennifer’s Body, the 2009 horror-comedy that she wrote, has had a bona fide critical reappraisal as well, with numerous voices in film arguing that it’s a far more powerful and subversive film than it was given credit for. To say that Cody takes inspiration from music is probably stating the obvious — among other things, the title of Jennifer’s Body comes from a 1994 Hole song. All of which makes the news of Cody’s next project less surprising than it might seem.

A new report at Stereogum notes that Cody is collaborating on a screenplay with Madonna. The article, by James Rettig, notes that Madonna announced the project on her Instagram.

If the video is any indication, the duo have embraced one of the side benefits of working on a new project: putting together a fantastic collection of notebooks.

“When you’re stuck in a house with multiple injuries what do you do.?” Madonna captioned the video.  “………..Write a Screenplay with Diablo Cody about,” followed by a series of emojis that relate to music, film and bleak humor. Which, given the two collaborators’ areas of expertise, seems like about what you’d expect from the duo. The video is high on candid moments and low on information, but it’s certainly the kind of thing that will pique the interest of many.

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