New Service Creates Bespoke Cocktails Using Your Memories

And it comes from one of the world's great bartenders

Would you drink a perfectly customized cocktail?
Moritz Mentges/Unsplash

Do you have a favorite cocktail? Maybe it’s your go-to for when you’re out at bars (or at least when you were, in the pre-pandemic days). Maybe it’s something you enjoy making at home, then sitting and savoring for the perfect amount of time. The right cocktail can yell you a lot about someone — and might even be informative when it comes to the psyche of its creator.

But what about a cocktail that goes beyond the merely bespoke and endeavors to speak to the deepest fibers of your being? That’s the logic behind a new venture, Time Capsules, from renowned bartender Ryan Chetiyawardana. A new article at Luxury Launches offered some insights into Time Capsules, which involves tiers that can run into the 6 figures.

This new venture from Chetiyawardana offers multiple tiers, with prices starting at $13,100. For the full personalized experience, however, you might need a little more than that.

… the top tier service, The Monarch, runs to £100,000 (US$131,045), includes a one-on-one meeting with Chetiyawardana in which he inspires you to muse on your favourite moments, flavour preferences and aspects of your life story. He then hosts a tasting of liquids he has selected specially for you. Based on your reactions, he will create a unique cocktail, bottle it and label it by hand.

As experiences go, this sounds incredibly appealing — especially when you factor in the potential to try rare spirits from Chetiyawardana’s collection. He dubs it “a celebration of some of the wonderful things humankind has made.” It’s hard to argue with that.


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