12 Rosés to Drink This Summer That Aren’t Whispering Angel

Allow us to broaden your rosé horizons this season

June 9, 2022 7:10 am
Five bottles of rosé displayed on a light pink background
Stylish sips for all your rosé needs this summer
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I want to make one thing very clear: I have absolutely nothing against Whispering Angel. It’s one of the most iconic rosés out there for a reason, that reason being that it is good and beloved by many. I myself have some very fond if admittedly somewhat hazy memories of rosé-ing all day with a bottle of Whispering Angel in the Hamptons and waking up the next morning with a broken toe and no recollection of how that injury was sustained, which is what rosé and the Hamptons were made for. 

But while Whispering Angel may have rightfully earned its place as the go-to rosé of wine drinkers everywhere, it’s far from the only option for stylish sipping this summer. In addition to the growing number of spinoffs Château d’Esclans has added to the Whispering Angel family, there’s no shortage of other rosés out there to sample. From trendy bottles you’re bound to spot at any summertime get-together to secretive sips lifted from the French Riviera for in-the-know rule breakers ready to buck wine-snob tradition, there’s a diverse array of unique options out there for anyone looking to make this summer a rosé summer. 

Speaking of wine snobs, it’s also worth noting that while lingering stereotypes sometimes lead a certain brand of oenophile to write rosé off as an underwhelming, unsophisticated drink for wine moms and Hamptons housewives, rosé actually offers just as diverse a range of different aromas and flavors as any other category of wine. So even if you haven’t been wowed by the pink stuff in the past, it’s worth sipping around to see if there’s a particular wine that strikes your fancy. Consider this your invitation to try them all this summer. 

A bottle of Rose Piscine on a pale pink background
Rose Piscine
Rose Piscine

Rosé Piscine 

The first rosé designed specifically to be served on ice, Rosé Piscine (pronounced like “be seen”) is for cool, sexy wine drinkers who don’t take themselves too seriously. Lifted from the rosé-drinking habits of the illustrious beach-goers of St. Tropez (including Brigitte Bardot, as rumor has it), Rosé Piscine was first introduced in France about a decade ago and now maintains something of a cult following among those in the know in the US. Light and just the right amount of sweet, Rosé Piscine is one of the coolest, most refreshing rosés you can drink this summer. 

(If you can’t tell, we love Rosé Piscine, and Rosé Piscine loves us, which is why they’re offering you a special deal: Visit their online store and enter NEILFRIENDS6 when buying 6 bottles for $10 off or NEILFRIENDS12 when buying 12 bottles for $20 off.)

A bottle of The Beach By Whispering Angel on a pale pink background
The Beach By Whispering Angel
Whispering Angel

The Beach by Whispering Angel 

Described as Whispering Angel’s “energetic little sister,” The Beach is the latest wine to join Château d’Esclans’ ever-growing family of popular rosés. A perfectly balanced option that boasts subtle, fruity notes and exceptional length, The Beach is ideal for seaside sipping, or at least for channeling beachy vibes. 

A bottle of The Pale Rosé on a pale pink background
The Pale
The Pale

The Pale

I’ve clearly had the privilege of sampling more than my share of rosé, and I’ll willingly admit that Sacha Lichine’s The Pale is an all-time favorite. This dry, easy-drinking wine from the South of France supposedly lifts its name from a vintage English phrase, “Who’s for a glass of the pale?” and is the perfect option for sleek summertime sipping.

A bottle of Summer Water Rosé on a pale pink background
Summer Water
Summer Water

Summer Water

One of those instantly recognizable bottles you’re bound to run into at any summertime get together, Summer Water is a favorite for a reason. Crisp and lighthearted with a signature pale, peachy pink hue, this wine is summertime chill in a bottle.

A bottle of Rock Angel Rosé on a pale pink background
Rock Angel
Rock Angel

Rock Angel

Another member of the Whispering Angel family, Rock Angel fancies itself something of an edgier alternative to the Château d’Esclans original. With a more complex and structured taste profile than Whispering Angel, Rock Angel offers a bolder, more intense option for rosé-drinkers looking for something a little louder than a whisper.

A bottle of Dough Sparkling Rosé on a pale pink background
Dough Sparkling Rosé

Dough Sparkling Brut Rosé 

For those who like their wine on the sparkly side, Dough’s Sparkling Brut Rosé is an obvious choice. Layered and aromatic with aromas of rose petal, white peach and cardamom, this sparkling rosé serves effervescence with a side of elegance.

A bottle of Brendel Rosé on a pale pink background
Brendel Rosé

Brendel Young Leon Frizzante 

And for those who prefer their sparkle a little more subtle, Brendel has the perfect low-key frizzante. Inspired by Napa Valley innovator Leon Brendel, who began making rosé back in the 1950s when it was more or less unheard of in the region, this lightly effervescent rosé offers a refreshing tribute to a wine industry icon.

A bottle of Sonoma Cutrer Rosé on a pale pink background
Sonoma Cutrer Rosé
Sonoma Cutrer

Sonoma-Cutrer Rosé of Pinot Noir

From the Russian River Valley growing region of Sonoma County, California, this Pinot Noir rosé is tangy and fruit-forward, with aromas of tangerine, pink grapefruit, strawberry and raspberry. A crisp mouthfeel makes for a juicy yet refreshing pour.

Summer in a Bottle Rosé on a pale pink background
Summer in a Bottle’s latest
Summer in a Bottle

Summer in a Bottle Côtes de Provence

Another one of those instantly recognizable rosés you’re bound to run into at any summer party, Wölffer Estate’s Summer in a Bottle is a rosé icon thanks to its distinctive floral bottle. This year, Wölffer is introducing a companion to the Long Island favorite, Summer in a Bottle Côtes de Provence. Channeling the wines the French region is famous for, Summer in a Bottle’s latest is “classically Provencal,” offering a fragrant, lively companion to the lush vibrancy of the original. 

A bottle of Centine Rosé on a pale pink background
Centine Rosé

Centine Toscana Rosé

While rosé is often associated with a pale pink hue, this pick from Banfi boasts an intense pink color for a more vibrant pour. Fresh and dry, flavored with a crisp and clean finish, Centine Rosé is a vivid, versatile option that pairs well with just about everything.

A bottle of Ventessa Pinot Grigio Rosé on a pale pink background
Ventessa Pinot Grigio Rosé

Mezzacorona Ventessa Pinot Grigio Rosé

A lighter option for the calorie- (and ABV-) conscious, this “better-for-you” rosé boasts a fresh and elegant profile with aromas of red and citrus fruits alongside floral notes, and all at just 90 calories and 9% ABV. 

A bottle of Fresh Vine Wines rosé on a pale pink background
Fresh Vine Wines Rosé
Fresh Vine Wines

Fresh Vine Wine 2021 Rosé of Pinot Noir

Co-owned by Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough, Napa-Based Fresh Vine Wine has released a new rosé for summer. Another light and dry option, this blend of Pinot Grigio and Pinot Noir grapes offers fresh flavors of nectarine, stone fruit and melon with bright, floral aromas of rose petals, white peach and ruby red grapefruit.


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