Apparently, Many People Are Now Fans of “Beer Margaritas”

Cocktail-inspired beer is on the rise in bars, according to a new study

A beerita or beer margarita is a combination of beer, tequila and lime (or frozen limeade concentrate)
Your next Margarita may have beer as its base
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According to a new report by the hospitality consultancy CGA by NIQ, bar patrons are getting increasingly fond of beer Margaritas. If that seems unusual, it’s maybe because you haven’t heard of a “beer Margarita.” But maybe you have heard of a beer-ita (same thing), which varies by recipe but usually involves beer, limeade concentrate, tequila and ice. Or even a CoronaRita, in which a Corona is overturned in a Margarita.

“More than two in five beer and/or cocktails consumers have opted for a beer Margarita in the past three months,” says Matthew Crompton, CGA by NIQ regional director – Americas, in the new study. “Consumer trends, like cocktail-inspired serves, encourage trial and experimentation of new categories and act as a gateway to expand [sic] brand offering. In the upcoming months, the cocktail-inspired serve will continue to experience engagement from beer and/or cocktail drinkers with almost four in five expecting to try the beer Margarita or chelada, and more than three in five expecting to try a shandy, Michelada, radler, or beermosa.”

How to Not Screw Up Your Beer Cocktails This Summer
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Quick explainers here:

  • Chelada: beer, lime juice, salt
  • Shandy: beer and lemon-lime soda
  • Michelada: beer, lime juice, salt, tomato juice and/or Clamato (Happy Michelada Day, btw)
  • Radler: beer, fruit-flavored soda
  • Beermosa: beer, orange juice

So, what’s going on with this beer Margarita craze? Well, beer is versatile, and beer cocktails have a surprisingly long history — there’s even a whole book on the concept written by InsideHook contributor Jacob Grier. And served properly, they’re refreshing, particularly in the summer, because they tend to be lighter and fruitier than straight-forward beer and much lower in ABV than liquor-based cocktails.

The key is picking the right beer — stouts are not your friend here (aka keep it light). And while we’d rather have a real Margarita with fresh lime juice, we’re all for experimenting with new flavors and keeping our summer drinking sessionable.


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