Winter Is Coming!

A Guide to Surviving Harsh Weather in Style | Chapter One: Home

By Kunal
November 17, 2015 9:00 am


You’re going to be spending the majority of your winter indoors. (shhhh, not now, California.)

Let this be a cause for celebration, not consternation.

Home gives you — and invited others — comfort. Happiness. A place of well-being and centeredness.

Whether you’re providing this warmth of ideas for yourself or with others, let us help you make the most of your time inside.

You’ll need a few things. Let’s get you situated:


1. Yakima Camp Blanket / Pendleton / $129

Warmth, comfort, a dash of color … that should be your order of preference in a blanket. Pendleton covers all three and more: These virgin wool/cotton covers were modeled after the blankets that early shepherds used in the Pacific Northwest. So, yes, you can take these outdoors.

2. Punderdome: A Card Game for Pun Lovers / by Jo Firestone & Fred Firestone /  $13

Some find Cards Against Humanity a bit, well, much. Keeping the humor aflame (sans uncomfortableness) is a card game that celebrates wordplay. Here, combine two disparate words into a groan-worthy sentence. Be judged for cleverness, not crassness.

3. Feu de Bois “Gris” / “Grey” Wood Fire / Diptique / $90

“A sophisticated accord of woods, as warm as an open fire.” That’s darn near poetry burnin’ in that mantle.

4. JWDA Concrete Lamp / Leibal / $184

Gets dark early, don’t it? This concrete ‘n brass take on a traditional oil lamp will brighten your mood and toughen you up.

5. Freewrite Smart Typewriter / Astrohaus / $499

Formerly known as Hemingwrite, so you get the idea. You’re gonna have time to reflect this season: use it. This distraction-free word processor will guide your thoughts.

6. 70MM Ice Ball Maker / Cocktail Kingdom / $299

… or on ice. A perfect sphere. Fits your rocks glass perfectly. Sip. Think. Wait. Sip again. That ice ain’t going anywhere.

7. Dewar’s 12 Year Old Whisky / Dewars / $40

And let this blended Scotch serve as your muse. Malt, grain, toffee and floral notes on the front: some say hot buttered toast and honey on the palate. Serve neat ….

8. Bosse shovel / Bosse / $89

You’ll need moments of escape. This shovel can handle it … with a 360-degree rotating center for perfect hand alignment. You 1, snow 0.

9. ION Audio Archive LP / ION Audio / $70

Vinyl is sexy. It’s a tactile experience … and one you can enjoy easily with this set-up, which features a built-in speaker system. Great for turntabling in non-traditional rooms. Plus, it’ll convert your record collection to digital files for music moments on the go.

10. Amazon Echo Dot / Amazon / $50

Your home assistant is just a voice request away. “Alexa, is it snowing?” “Alexa, turn up the heat.” “Alexa, order pizza.” No sense moving in this weather, amiright?