Skyscraper Concept in Tel Aviv Looks Like a Stack of Seashells

July 3, 2016 5:00 am
(David Tajchman)

With a growing traffic problem and complaints of inadequate public transportation, this mixed-use high-rise concept comes at an ideal time for Tel Aviv. David Tajchman, an architect from Paris, designed the building to house apartments, office and retail spaces, and public parking. The garage incorporates a car-sharing system and accommodates charging for electric cars. The Gran Mediterraneo, as Tajchman calls it, melds interior gardens into the building’s design, which can be seen from outside through the buildings glass facade.

As demonstrated by the name, the high-rise has a heavy Mediterranean influence with its structure comprised of concrete slices that look similar to a stack of seashells. Located in a district colloquially called “White City” (for the predominant color of the houses), Gran Mediterraneo would fit in among the 4,000 Bauhaus-style homes. Learn more about Tajchman’s design here. Take a visual tour of the building below.

An interior view of the parking system (David Tajchman) An exterior view of the full structure (David Tajchman) Residential space (David Tajchman) A panoramic view of Tel Aviv’s possible new skyline (David Tajchman) An alternative view of some residential space(David Tajchman) An exterior view of the base (David Tajchman)


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