Our 40 Favorite Sleep Products for a Better Night’s Rest

Featuring smart alarm clocks, memory foam mattresses and silk sleep masks

Some of the best sleep products for a better night's rest, on a blue background

Catch some z's with these tried and true sleep products.

By Logan Mahan

Nota bene: If you buy through the links in this article, we may earn a small share of the profits.

Over the years, here at InsideHook we’ve sought out the best products to lull our asses to sleep. Admittedly, we’re not the best at sleeping. Blame it on our noisy metropolitan environment. Blame it on our excessive blue light use. Blame it on our sky-high anxiety levels. But whatever may be blocking those neurotransmitters, sometimes we simply can’t hit the sack.

So in our pursuit to not only fall asleep but get a more restorative eight hours, we’ve spent a chunk of time researching the best sleep aids, tapping experts for product recs and, of course, thoroughly testing pillows, mattresses, sheets, noise machines, supplements and more.

We’ve racked up quite a bit of favorites. From smart alarm clocks and sleep trackers to memory foam mattresses and a pillow that legit fixed our neck pain, below are 40 of our go-to sleep products for getting to bed, and staying there. To learn more about each product or read our full review of a particular item, click the related link.

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