Out of Vacation Ideas? Just Buy a Rockefeller Estate.

14.5 acres, a granite swimming pool and heaven at your door

August 3, 2017 9:00 am

Looking for a sweet vacation place? 

View of the water, enough bedrooms for all the fam? 

We’ve got it. 

If you’ve got $19 million

Sure — Maine’s got plenty of more affordable options. But if you want Rockefeller-style vacationing … well, that can be done, too. 

In short, this is spectacular. 

maine house (11 images)

John D. Rockefeller III was the grandson of John D. Rockefeller prime, founder of Standard Oil and the turn-of-the-century version of Jeff Bezos. He bought the spread in the 1960s, leaving it to his son, David; after David’s death five months ago, the property came up for sale. 

What you’ll get for the $19 mil: 14.5 acres on Mount Desert Island, seven bedrooms, a number of gardens, a granite swimming pool, an orchard, and Rockefeller’s study, which is, itself, beautiful. 

And, quite possibly, some peace and quiet. And lobster rolls. 

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