A TV So Beautiful They Decided to Frame It

The Bild 9 is part television, part Art Deco sculpture

May 3, 2017 9:00 am

Despite our efforts to prevent it from happening, we’ve never successfully put a television in a room without making it the focal point of that room.

With the Bild 9 television Bodo Sperlein designed for German brand Loewe, that’s a non-issue.

Designed to be the center of attention, the TV’s slimmer-than-a-smartphone OLED screen comes wrapped in a steel frame that’s supposed to look like a sculpture. The bold look was inspired by Bauhaus and art deco, and the back of the TV is covered in fabric that discreetly conceals all cables and connections.

It also pulls its weight on the performance front: the Bild 9 comes standard with Dolby Vision that produces HDR (high dynamic range) images and amazing colors, along with six speakers paired with four passive bass membranes to churn out a total of 120 watts.

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Capable of being placed on a table, mounted on a wall or simply stood alone on its lurid frame, the Bild 9 is available in either amber gold or graphite grey. It also seamlessly connects to the innovative Loewe app. “Bodo Sperlein’s design bears his signature and conveys Loewe’s new zeitgeist, combining exceptional design with technical sophistication and clearly demonstrating home entertainment can be an aesthetic element of interior design,” Loewe CEO Mark Hüsges told Dezeen.

Downside? For now at least, it looks like you’ll have to take a trip across the pond to claim one. If you have a big bag and will travel, here’s where to find a dealer.

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