A Man’s Tiny Home Is Definitely His Castle When It Comes With a Drawbridge

Better start digging the world's smallest moat

October 18, 2016 9:00 am

They say a man’s home is his castle.

But with property values on the up-and-way-up in places like NYC, San Francisco and L.A., that adage is under threat. Hell — owning any home is, much less one you can dub a castle with a straight face.

Affordable alternative? The tiny castle.

The Greenmoxie Tiny House is an oak and cedar home with far more majestic vibes than its competitors, care of a smart, handsome drawbridge that converts to a shaded porch at full extension. The home is also a fully off-grid-able affair, with solar panels, water capture equipment, LED lighting and a composting toilet.

So what’s a fella gotta fork over for an arrangment like this? Greenmoxie anticipates the costs will come in at around $75,000, but that’s a steal compared to the costs of building and outfitting a bigger house from scratch.

No man becomes a king overnight.

Consider this your first baby step.

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