Vehicles | August 16, 2019 3:23 pm

Tired of Your Tesla? Jaguar Will Give You $3K Off an I-Pace to Switch.

The “conquest” discount applies to everyone in a Tesla-owning household

Jaguar I-Pace Electric SUV Crossover
Jaguar is so confident you'll like the I-Pace compared to your Tesla that it's offering $3K discounts.

If you’re a Tesla owner, it hasn’t been a confidence-inspiring summer. You’ve probably seen videos of the electric vehicles spontaneously combusting in garages and after crashes, and now Elon Musk is tweeting about nuking Mars. (No, seriously.)

Jaguar is looking to capitalize on that insecurity by offering a “Tesla Conquest” discount, where current Tesla owners can get $3,000 off a brand new luxury I-Pace EV. 

The news of the offer started spreading from, of all places, a Tesla fan’s Twitter account. Engadget then followed up with Jaguar and confirmed the discount. And it’s actually a better deal than originally believed — you don’t have to “swap” your Tesla to get the I-Pace discount, you simply need proof of ownership and vehicle registration; and you don’t need to own the Tesla yourself, you simply need to be in a household that owns one.

“Those consumers can combine the company’s ‘Tesla Conquest’ incentive with a $5,000 dealer discount and $7,000 allowance credit to get $15,000 off the I-Pace,” writes Engadget. “With all three discounts, the base model costs $54,500, instead of $69,500.”

That’s still far above the Model 3’s current $38,990 advertised price, but again, the I-Pace is a luxury crossover from an automaker with a much longer track record. Also, at the 2019 World Car Awards, the I-Pace won World Green Car, World Car Design of the Year and World Car of the Year. No showing for Tesla in that lineup.

Unfortunately, as InsideEVs notes, those awards haven’t translated into sales. This July, Jaguar only delivered 213 I-Pace crossovers. But with the Tesla Conquest discount running through September 30th, 2019, maybe you’ll help them break 300.

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