Tech | August 18, 2019 9:15 am

New Study: Google Assistant Bests Siri and Alexa in Answering Questions

Findings also suggest all three digital assistants improved since 2018

Google Assistant
A new study from Loup Ventures had high marks for Google Assistant.
Marco Verch/Creative Commons

For the second year in a row, venture capital firm Loup Ventures put a trio of digital assistants through a rigorous test, quizzing them on 800 different questions. The topics included navigation and online ordering — pretty much anything you might want your virtual assistant to do, should you make use of one — and when the results were in, the champion had retained their title.

That would be Google Assistant, who finished at the top of their class. CNBC has the specifics

Google Assistant correctly answered 93% of the questions and understood all 800, according to Loup Ventures. Siri came in second, answering 83% correctly and misunderstanding two questions. Alexa answered 80% correctly but only misunderstood one, according to the study.

For all three digital assistants, this represented a step up from their 2018 results. The most significant leap came from Alexa, who answered only 61% correctly in last year’s test. Between these test results and the news from earlier this summer that Alexa will be integrated into Windows 10, it’s a busy year for Amazon’s foray into the digital assistant space.

The full results, found on Loup Ventures’ website, make for fascinating reading for anyone with an interest in how personal computing is evolving over time — and where the technology might head next. With Microsoft making moves into this territory as well, the 2020 edition of these tests should make for an even more interesting competition. 

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