Restaurants & Bars | November 24, 2020 7:00 am

People Waited in a 14-Hour Line for Colorado’s First In-N-Out Burger

You could drive to an In-N-Out in another state in that time

In-N-Out Burger sign
Better make a pit stop at the McDonald's before getting in the 14-hour In-N-Out line.
Alex Tai/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

As anyone who lives out West or has spent time there likely already knows, people have very strong feelings about In-N-Out Burger. So strong, it turns out, that they’re willing to wait in a 14-hour line for that Double-Double Animal Style.

Because the burger chain refuses to sell frozen patties, it’s limited to only opening locations within 300 miles of its production facility and distribution center, which means new In-N-Out locations are much rarer than those of other fast-food chains. And when the new Aurora, Colorado location held its grand opening last Friday, people turned out in droves.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, customers were limited to ordering from the drive-thru, resulting in a massive traffic jam and a line of cars that stretched all the way around the mall where the new In-N-Out is located twice (an estimated 1.5 to two miles).

It got so bad that the Aurora Police Department had to get involved, directing traffic and taking to social media to urge people to maybe consider going to a different restaurant instead, writing, “Traffic is still significantly impacted in the area surrounding the mall. They will close before you get to the window most likely. Meanwhile, many other local eateries do not have a wait, hint hint.”