News & Opinion | July 25, 2018 9:03 am

Jimmy Fallon Jokes About Sean Spicer Over New White House Book

He knows where to find Spicer's forthcoming memoir.


Comedian Jimmy Fallon poked fun at the Trump Administration on Tuesday night, joking that former press secretary Sean Spicer may have written a book about his time in the White House — but he’ll be selling it during his shift at a popular bookstore chain.

“Sean Spicer has written a new book about his time in the White House, called ‘The Briefing.’ If you want to see him, he’ll be at Barnes & Noble tomorrow — from 10 a.m. until his shift ends,” Fallon cracked.

Fallon also got back into character as the president himself on Tuesday, launching the “Trump News Network” and marketing it as “fairer and more balanced-er” than any other news outlet. Take a look at the clips below.