News & Opinion | March 27, 2019 12:00 pm

Amsterdam Bans Red Light District Tours

"We do not consider it appropriate for tourists to leer at sex workers.”

amsterdam red light district
Red Light District neon sign in Amsterdam, Netherlands. (Getty)
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Tour companies in Amsterdam have until January 1, 2020 to shut down any attraction that takes tourist for a lookie-loo at sex workers in the country’s famous Red Light District.

Udo Kock, the deputy mayor of Amsterdam who proposed the bill, says he doesn’t think it’s “appropriate for tourists to leer at sex workers” like they’re in some sort of human zoo.

The Red Light District is extremely popular with tourist, so it’s not only the sex workers who will be affected by the new bill, but also the tour providers who regularly send groups of up to 20 sightseers to the famous sex neighborhood.

“Several of our advertisers offer experiences in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, and we’re contacting and working directly with these suppliers to ensure all products sold through our sites are in compliance with the regulations by January 1st, 2020,” a TripAdvisor spokesperson told CNN Travel.

Another travel agency, Intrepid Travel has previously banned “lookie-loo” trips like “orphanage tours.” If the trip isn’t changing the world for the better, Intrepid Travel isn’t going to book it.

“We believe that travel should change the world for the better, while simultaneously providing a great experience for travelers while they learn about the local culture they’re visiting,” a spokesperson said. “”The local people of any destination should never be treated as tourist attractions.”