Spotify Created a Playlist and Podcast Exclusively for Your Pet

The song selection is algorithmically designed to keep your animal stress-free

dog listening to music
Spotify's new pet playlist isn't just for the dogs
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By Kirk Miller / January 15, 2020 11:15 am

After discovering that 71% of pet owners play music for their animals, Spotify has announced they’re creating playlists and even a podcast for dogs’ ears only.

According to a Spotify survey of 5,000 music-streaming pet owners across the globe, 8 in 10 pet owners believe their pets like music (with 55% claiming the pets have the same taste as their owners). Pet owners believe the tunes relieve stress, boost happiness and keep the animals company when the humans aren’t around.

While the survey claims domesticated animals prefer classical and soft rock, you can curate a (sigh) “pawfect” playlist for the animal of your choice via this link. You pick a pet, give a little info about the animal’s personality, add a name and photo and then sit back and let Fido or Mr. Whiskers enjoy that new Tame Impala track.

Spotify pet playlist
An infographic on pets and music via Spotify

You’re cool if you have a cat, dog or hamster, but the streaming service admits they didn’t include animals like goldfish, tarantulas and snakes because “they don’t have ears.” The service also didn’t include a playlist for rabbits, which (as a former rabbit owner) is an absolute travesty.

According to a Reuters report, the so-far unnamed podcast will feature soothing music, stories and spoken-word praise (“good boy”) from actors, all designed to alleviate the animals’ stress.

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