Movies | November 14, 2020 4:32 pm

German Authorities Upset With “Matrix 4” Over Unsanctioned Party

If not for the pandemic, it sounds like a fun gathering

Matrix set
US actor Keanu Reeves and Canadian-born actress Carrie-Anne Moss pose for photographers on a terrace of the Palais des festivals during the photocall for "Matrix Reloaded."

Let’s say you’re involved with making a high-profile film shoot take place in Germany. You’ve already experienced some delays as a result of the pandemic, and you’re presently grappling with the increased precautions that need to be in place on sets to guard against COVID-19. With all of that in mind, do you think it’s a good idea to hold a party for hundreds of people involved with the production?

This is not a theoretical question. Currently, the makers of the fourth Matrix film are in hot water with authorities in Germany, reports The Guardian. Why? According to their article, written by Kate Connolly and Chris Michael, the studio threw a party for over 200 people, and got around restrictions by having attendees say that they were extras for a scene.

According to a report from Bild, the studio did have attendees tested for the coronavirus before the party began, and mandated masks — but not everyone complied. For those curious, The Guardian notes that Keanu Reeves and partner Alexandra Grant were there, but left on the early side.

Based on the article’s description, the food on offer at least sounds good. “Refreshments included sushi, sake, pizza, currywurst (curried sausage, a Berlin speciality) and vegan chocolate apricot cake,” write Connolly and Michael. “Bedouin-style tents and hippy-style caravans were available for guests who wanted more privacy.”

Whether or not the studio will face some sort of sanctions for having a party for hundreds in a region where parties are presently capped at 50 remains to be seen.