Health & Fitness | February 6, 2020 6:05 am

A Twenty-Something British Man Says He Cured His Coronavirus With Whisky

"It's an old fashioned remedy, but it seemed to do the trick"

Is whisky the coronavirus cure? Probably not, but one guy says it worked for him.

While the world continues to build toward collective mass hysteria re: coronavirus, one British man claims to have found a surprisingly simple (and, depending on your taste in booze, potentially delightful) cure for the deadly illness.

Twenty-five-year-old teacher Connor Reed, reportedly the first Brit to contract the illness, claims to have cured his own case of coronavirus just by sipping whisky.

“I used the inhaler which helped control the cough and drank a hot whisky with honey until that ran out,” Reed told the Sun.

Reed, who has lived in China for three years, reportedly contracted the virus two months ago and spent two weeks in the Zhongnan University Hospital in Wuhan, China.

“I was stunned when the doctors told me I was suffering from the virus,” he told the Sun. “I thought I was going to die but I managed to beat it.”

Reed said he did so without the help of the antibiotics he was prescribed, which — as Vice noted — may not be as foolish as it sounds. Last week, the World Health Organization took to Twitter to explain in a lengthy thread that the coronavirus is, in fact, a virus, and therefore antibiotics, which are used to treat bacterial infections, are not an effective treatment. The thread also cautioned that other rumored cures — including pneumonia vaccines, eating garlic, snorting saline solution and covering the body in sesame oil — are also unlikely to prove effective.

However, according to one whisky-swilling Brit anyway, a little Johnny Walker can’t hurt.

“It’s an old fashioned remedy, but it seemed to do the trick,” he told the Sun. “I am proof coronavirus can be beaten.”

While we should maybe leave “proof” up to medical professionals, Reed’s recovery is as good a reason as any to pour one out.

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